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Please read this page in full and print it if you want. It contains the necessary information for your web hosting account.

A Quick Index
  • For account information & details on activation time read sections: 1 and 2
  • To login to your control panel read section: 3
  • To set-up your MySQL databases read section: 3
  • To set-up your email accounts read section: 3
  • To check your email on web and outlook read sections: 3, 4 and 5
  • To upload your website using FTP read section: 6
  • To update your domain name contact information or nameservers read sections: 7 or 8
  • For any problem or question use our Customer Support system detailed in section: 9

  • Table of Contents
    1. Account Information
    2. Account Activation Time
    3. Control Panel Information / Manage Email Accounts / Set up Databases
    4. POP3 / Outlook Email Settings
    5. Web Mail
    6. FTP Information
    7. Domain Contact Information
    8. Name Server Information
    9. Information Portal (Billing, Help / Customer Support)

    1. Account Information
    This information was emailed to you

    2. Account Activation Time
    New domain name servers only take hours to recognise your new domain and your website will be accessible from 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on your location.
    You may have wait for up to 2 or 3 days until the change is reflected across all the domain name servers around the globe.

    3. Control Panel Information / Manage Email Accounts / Set up Databases
    Cpanel is used to manage your email account(s), setting up databases and customise all settings for your hosting account. You can also check your website stats using Cpanel.
    https://galaxy-holdings.org:2083 [Secure Server]

    Alternate URLs
    (You can access these even before your domain name is activated) [Secure Server]

    4. POP3 / Outlook Email Settings
    NOTE: You MUST create an email account from control panel [SECTION 3] before you can use it.

    Automatic Method:
    1. Click Mail icon in CPanel
    2. Click Mail Account Maintenance in front of your desired account
    3. Click Configure Mail Client
    4. Follow the instructions on screen

    Manual Method:
    You can use the settings below to manually set up the email account.
    POP3 Server: galaxy-holdings.org
    SMTP Server: galaxy-holdings.org
    User Name: (Use your full email address)
    Password: (Use your email password)
    Our servers use authentication for outgoing mail with same user / pass.
    You can leave rest of the settings as default.

    5. Web Mail
    NOTE: You MUST create an email account from control panel [SECTION 3] before you can use it.

    To check your email using the web-based interface, please visit the URL
    https://galaxy-holdings.org:2096 [Secure Server]

    Alternate URLs (You can access these even before your domain name is activated) [Secure Server]

    This feature is based on third party free software and we can not provide support in case of any problem in it.

    6. FTP Information
    FTP Software is the best choice for you if your site contains a large number of files. It is like a file explorer where you are able to see your local and website files at the same time. You can easily upload or download any number of files quickly using this software.

    You can download some great and free FTP programs here:

    FileZilla (recommended)


    Once you download one of these programs and installed it, start the program and use quick connect feature.

    Use the following FTP INFORMATION
    Server: galaxy-holdings.org (It takes a while before you can use this for new domains)
    Server IP: (Alternatively you can use this instead of server name)
    (Emailed to you)
    (Emailed to you)
    You can leave the rest of options to default.

    Once connected you will see a number of folders in your website (including mail, public_html etc).
    Double click the public_html directory to open it.
    Upload your web files into the public_html directory.
    Any file saved within this folder will be accessible from your website.

    Please remember this server is Linux based so all files are CaSe sensitive. If you file is named EXAMPLE.html you can not open it with example.html in URL.

    7. Domain Contact Information
    If your package includes a domain name then you can login using the domain name and password given below to verify your correct contact information any time.
    Domain: galaxy-holdings.org
    (Emailed to you)

    Not available for UK domains and certain country specific TLDs. If you want any change in contacts regarding these domains please contact us.
    WARNING: Changing name servers can cause your domain to stop working properly. If you need any help on name servers please contact us.

    8. Name Server Information
    NOTE: This information applies only to Domains that are already registered via another service provider. We update this information automatically for users who have their domain name with us.

    If your domain name was previously hosted somewhere else, you will need to update your DNS information to the following:


    If in doubt on how to do it just contact us with your domain name and we will be able to help further.

    9. Information Portal (Billing, Help / Customer Support)
    Our Information Portal is used to manage your hosting packages, invoices and support tickets.
    You can also download some helpful files after logging in to the system.

    If you have any questions about your account, please email us for fastest response.

    Thank you for choosing our company.

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